…because there’s nothing more desirable than to travel, collect stories and inspire other people!

Hi! I’m Alex, 34yo, living in MunichGiesing.

I was born during Romania’s stoneage communism of the 80s, fled to Germany with my family, grew up in the working-class suburbs and after many years of apathic aimlessness I found myself in my late 20s in the well-known hamster wheel. As a clerk I shifted files from one side to the other from 9 to 5 at a French insurance company when one day I wanted to get up in the morning, sitting at the edge of my bed, arms on my knees, head and shoulders bend down and couldn’t move myself up from the bed for over three hours!

In this very moment I knew… I’M FUCKED!!!

I’ve chosen to break out of my cage and that from now on I will only do what I love – no matter what it takes. So I quit my job, went to Kenya & Tanzania for 6 weeks, started my two years of education as a media-designer and now I’m working as a programmer and Co-CEO for the Mellow Design GmbH.

my story in brief

What stories are you going to tell when you are old?

This was the initial question behind all of my travels. It all started with an interrail-trip through Europe in 2005. Meanwhile I’ve carried my backpack during hot, cold and rainy seasons; travelled by foot, car, bus, train and airplane; conducted several ascents and climbs in the Alps leading me to found “Project 180” (the goal: climbing all 180, more exatly 186 mountains above 2000m in one year) in March 2015 and eventually organized my own solo-expeditions through the Moroccan Sahara and Kenya & Tanzania, both in a 4×4-car.

“In many years from now, lying on our deathbed, we will not regret the things we’ve done, but the things we haven’t.”

What is “A Wayfarer’s Diary”?

See here my personal confession to this project:

The Wayfarer Manifesto

In other words:

A Wayfarer’s Diary (AWD) brings together three of my passions: a) travelling and exploring the wide world, b) my excitement for the current zeitgeist, great stories and writing/vlogging and c) my joy of inspiring and showing YOU how you can find your own passion and happiness.

AWD is about…

  • exploring the wild – vast landscapes, deep forests, cold winds and dry deserts
  • great stories – the people in their daily life, their culture and custom
  • the modern zeitgeist – current social, economical and political developments and conflicts
  • the naked life – the vices and contrasts, the ups and downs, the good and the bad

And it is about you!

As much as I love travelling the world, I love inspiring and help (!) other people to go for their calling. I believe that everyone of us has a reason to be here in this world and there’s a calling for everyone of us. Don’t get me wrong: I don’t want to be the wise guy knowing it all. I simply don’t! But let me tell you that I’ve been through a lot in my life and I’ve fought hard to make it out of the misery.

I don’t know if I can be any helpful but coming from the deepest abyss of my soul to walking towards my dreams – not following them – I guess I’ve gained some knowledge, and yea… some wisdom along the way. I will be happy to share all of my knowledge and experiences I’ve made through all the years and if I can make the life of one single person better, for one single day, it was all worth it!

“Don’t call it a dream – it’s a plan!”

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